Endless possibilities

Who we are

A group of students taking the PR world by storm.

We come up with creative and effective campaigns. Through our work, we make our clients stand out and achieve their goals.

Public Relations

We put the relations back into public relations by listening to what people really want. Then we help our clients come up with ways to meet those desires.

Social Media

We have a team of young and current Innovators, who are always on top of social media trends. They make sure our clients stay connected and relevant on various social media platforms.

Event Management

With a group of capable Innovators, we can handle everything from planning, promotions, to the actual event itself.

The Work

Here's what we've been up to recently.
Engage. Equip. Implement.

Innovations is working with four new clients this year. There will be many opportunities to learn and express creatively, and with a lineup of amazing clients and a group of brilliant Innovators, this year is bound to be a good one. Here's a sneak peek of what we'll be up to.

  • Engage

    We encourage Innovators to collaborate with each other, and also form meaningful relationships with our clients and other PR firms.

  • Equip

    We empower Innovators to excel in various skills and prepare them for professional work.

  • Implement

    We provide hands-on experience, where Innovators can apply their creative solutions and gain valuable work experience.

Client Client Client Client


The Faces of Innovations
Liz Skeele
Firm Director
“Innovations gave me credible resumé experience and qualified me for a marketing internship at Johnson & Johnson.”
Joshua Devin
Asst. Firm Director
“Innovations helped me enhance my resumé and allowed me to use my skills to do real work for real clients while still in school.”
Makayla Millington
Communications Director
“Innovations has shown me what it means to be a PR professional and has challenged me to apply the skills I learned in the classroom to real-life scenarios.”
Jeremy Ng
Digital Media Specialist
“Innovations launched my enthusiasm for advertising and public relations, and gave me a platform to use my creative skills in copywriting and design.”
Dylan Engel
Account Manager
“Innovations has provided me with real world experience, and has taught me how to service and interact with clients.”
Haley Holmlund
Account Manager
“Innovations has helped me to apply what I have learned in my classes to the real world of public relations.”
Claire Jackson
Account Manager
“Innovations has given me a community of hardworking and talented people to learn from and bounce ideas off of!”
Matt Voss
Account Manager


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